Me? What do you care?
There are limits to curiosity. This is embarrassing. Really. Go away.

For some strange reason people want to know what other people look like.

Here I´m at the boiling lake, Dominica, Caribbean, 2007.


And as a Catholic (sic) priest in the Turku Cathedral, Finland, 2011.

Kung Fu Priest II 3D

Basic information: Finnish, male. Enough. Stop.

Keywords: reading (scifi, fantasy), movies (watching, making), music (listening, didgerido, sax, violin),
electronics (Atmel), metalworking (explosive welding), jewellery (bronze), woodworking (historical),
leatherworking (shoes), history (Roman), SCA (re-enactment), archery (longbow), firearms (cannons),
pyrotechnics (fireworks), computers (Delphi), fencing (rapier), martial arts (Krav Maga), roleplaying (LARP),
cooking (spices), backbacking (backwoods), scuba (reefs), skydiving (free fall), photography (panorama),
military (reserve officer), firefighting (fireman), sailing (viking ship) , ceramics (white clay), brewing (mead).