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Main organizers

Rakonczay Gergely mka Rauno Huikari (sporttikuva [at] hotmail [dot] com)

For me the walk to Compostella is a final test of my medieval gear. It has already been a surprice for me how many different things I have to take care, that all the gear I use in walk is medieval: how to carry my stuff, how to protect from the possible rain, what to use in bed for sleeping etc.

I also love the idea of walking the same road, and sleeping and eating in the same places than our ancestors hundreds of years ago. I will study during the walk what places and buildings has been standing during my SCA persons period. I think that my medieval person made the way at 1460's.

And ofcourse it will be nice to walk with old and new friends, enjoy the scenary and good food and wine.

Fleinn Ragnarsson mka Heiko Romu (hmr [at] utu [dot] fi)

I´m very interested about the psychology of the medieval person. Their "personal world" was very small, and a pilgrimage in a foreign land must have felt to them like a hike alone across all Africa. I´d like to experience this feeling. Also, I´d like to learn something about the all-permeating religious aspects and thoughts (altought I´m not religious as a person and do not belong in any Church) of a person living in the Medieval times.

I spend two weeks in Spain a couple of years ago,and I definitely enjoyed the sun, the great food, the splendid wine and the history going back to Roman times. I hope to re-live some of those experiences - and to have new, as good or better memories.

And of course, I´d like to make new friends. (No, I did not read Rakonczay´s text before writing this. We are both amiable! :)