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Are the costs really so low? (From a Finnish viewpoint :)

What in life is sure? But the calculations on General page are as good as we can make. Flight fares change daily, and that is the biggest thread to budget.

How pediod must our gear be?

The general 10-feet rule applies. The idea is to find out how medieval travel was about, not to make museum-quality replicas. If you can attend an SCA event or a renfair, you should be good.

Will there be workshops or other shared preparations?

In Finland we will make a one-day hike in our pilgrimage gear in May 9 (see Training).

If people from other countries will join, some preceding meeting/etc will help things. We will help you in arranging these as much as we can.

How much we have to carry?

See Gear. If you are a very experienced backbacker, you will need less, if you would like to have more confort, you need a little more. A thumb rule is 10% of your own weight, which is quite light. Extreme hikers and soldiers can carry as much as 30% of their weight.

Has my backback to be historically authentic?

That would be nice. However, the minimum requirement is covering your modern backback with cloth.

Can I cheat by using modern sandals (etc)?

As all re-enactment people know, footwear is the most difficult part. If you cannot acquire believable historical shoes, try to find as low-profile-as-possible modern ones. Please, no neon colors.

If your shoes break, you naturally have to use whatever is available (from the local stores). This will be the part of gear the requirements are the lightest.

(By the normal SCA standard, everything else will be superb hand-sewn well-researched quality, the shoes by Puma. :)

What about eating, rest and toilets breaks?

Breakfasts and dinners will be at the refugios.

We will have a lunch break every day, see Schedule. Everyone will carry their own food and drink. As we will travel at a very tranquil rate, the breaks will have enough time for ample talk and rest.

The area we will travel through is very densely populated (as least from a Finnish perspective:), there should be inns and bars in every few kilometers, offering electricity, paella and vino tinto. But in the worst case scenario, even girls will have to pee in the bush.

Do I have to have a period water bottle?

As the water bottle is maybe the most-used part of gear, yes please. If you need ways to conceal a modern bottle, contact us for advice.

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