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What is this all about?

The idea is to make a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela using as medieval gear as possible.

In short, our " frame of reference" is romantic history as seen by the SCA. The trip will take a minumum of seven days, we will walk approximately 150 kilometers and this will cost (approximately) from 200€ to 500€ (depending how much you have to fly).

The main theme is about medieval travel and history, not religion. However, we realize the great impression of Christianity to European culture and wish also to research it´s impact the on the general mind map of period people.

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Historical Background

The discovery of the tomb of the apostle St james was one of the most important events of the middle Ages. The great pilgrimages to Compostela brought together, and had a vital influence on, a number of different aspects of society: art, religion, and economic and cultural life. Compostela was together with Rome and Jerusalem, one of the three great centres of pilgrimage of the Christian worls.

Gotescalco, bishop of Le Puy, is one of the earliest pilgrims of whom we have any record. He went to Compostela in the year 950, at the head of a vast retinue. Among the vast number of pilgrims we frequently find distinguished travellers: bishops, kings, magnates, the rich and the saints. Among the pilgrims were those who began their journeys out of real devotion, others who went as the delegates of cities, towns and individuals -and neither was there any lack of those who took the Way of St James in the fulfilment of a judicial punishment.

Pilgrims generally travelled in groups for mutual protection. Broad hats protect them from the sun, the cloak to counter cold and rain, the satchel for food, the gourd for water and the staff for defence and support over rough ground.


The Goal

To travel by walking from Cebreiro to Santiago
de Compostela, 155 kilometers, in seven days
Time June 6. (Saturday) to June 15. (Monday)
Daily distance Approximate 21 kilometers

Travelling to/from Spain - depending on
day/route/your country of orgin - 100-500€

Daily cost estimation:
Lodging 10€ (in refugios)
Food 10€ (breakfast/dinner in refugio, lunch from stores)

Santiago (last days)
Hotel 50€/night
Food 20€/day (including feast)


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